PENNY SHARMAN is a poet, photographer, artist and therapist. 

Her debut Pamphlet, Fair Ground, was published in March 2019 by Yaffle Press. 

Her first collection Swim with Me in Deep Water was published by Cerasus Poetry in July 2019. 

Her second collection, The Day Before Joy,  was published in Autumn 2020 by The Knives, forks and Spoons Press.

Her third collection, Catching the Heather, was published by Cerasus Poetry in Spring 2022.

All of these books are available for purchase here.

Penny is co-editor of Obsessed with pipework.

She has participated in many poetry courses and groups over the years and has an MA in Creative Writing from Edge Hill University in Ormskirk. 

She has had over 100 poems published in magazines and anthologies such as The North, Ink, Sweat & Tears, The Interpreters House, Strix, Obsessed with Pipework, Coast to Coast to Coast, Beautiful Dragons, Marble Poetry, Poetry Quarterly and Orbis. 

She was also the resident artist at The High Window Press and has a chapter included in Leonora Carrington: Living Legacies published at Vernon Press.