Penny Sharman originally from the Cotswolds inherits from her father’s family the gift of rhythm from a rich tradition of singing and playing music. She was asingle mother in the 1960’s and travelled to Manchester to start a new life with friends.

Penny studied whilst raising her three sons and obtained her A levels and went on to college to study the performing arts. Penny has always been lead by her independent streak and opened a Vegetarian Café in Withington called ‘Pie in the Sky’ in the 1980’s before it was a popular choice of diet.

She then studied to become a Reflexologist, Aromatherapist and Counsellor as well as training in the Shamanic tradition. She is an artist, photographer, therapist and poet. Penny came late to writing poetry in her 50’s and has continued with her passion for words and images for over 20 years.

She has participated in many poetry courses and groups over the years  and has an MA in Creative Writing from Edge Hill University in Ormskirk.  She has had over fifty poems published in magazines and anthologies such as The Interpreters House, Strix, Obsessed with Pipework, Coast to Coast to Coast, Beautiful Dragons, Marble Poetry and Poetry Quarterly.

Penny’s debut Pamphlet  Fair Ground was published in March 2019 by Yaffle Press and is available to purchase from Penny (see contact details). Penny is at present working on her first collection hopefully to be published later this year.

Penny has been blessed with three grown-up sons and three grandchildren. She has recently found the love of her life with her wizard Keith Lander. He is her rock and muse and she believes he brings magic into her poems just by being here.

Penny moved into the Pennines 15 years ago where she feels at home.

Penny is available  for facilitating poetry writing workshops. Her fee will depend on distance, duration and number of participants. For more information please complete the form below.